How to Install Custom SSL Certificate on Your Application?

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How to Install Custom SSL Certificate on Your Application?

Custom SSL on AccuWeb.Cloud enables you to establish a secure connection between your web application and its users. By uploading SSL certificates, you ensure that the data transmitted between the user’s browser and your application is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

1. Accessing the Environment Settings

To configure the custom SSL certificate on AccuWeb.Cloud, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your AccuWeb.Cloud account.
  • Navigate to the dashboard or control panel.
  • Find the environment where your web application is hosted.
  • Click on the “Settings” option for the configured environment.

Accessing the Environment Settings

2. Uploading the SSL Certificates

Once you have accessed the environment settings, follow these steps to upload the SSL certificates:

  • In the opened tab, locate the “Custom SSL” option within the left-hand list.
  • Click on the “Custom SSL” option to proceed.

You will see fields to upload the following SSL certificates:

  • Server Key
  • Intermediate Certificate (CA)
  • Domain Certificate

Obtain these certificates from a trusted certificate authority (CA) or generate them using a certificate management
tool. Upload each certificate into its appropriate field. Once you have uploaded all the certificates, click on the “Save” button to save the configuration.

Uploading the SSL Certificates

3. Testing the SSL Configuration

  • After uploading the SSL certificates, it’s important to test the configuration to ensure everything works properly.
  • Follow these steps to test the SSL setup:
  • Wait for the servers in your environment to automatically restart.
  • Once the servers have restarted, open your web browser.
  • Enter the bound custom domain name (or the attached external IP address) into the browser’s address bar.
  • Instead of using the default “http://” protocol, make sure to specify “https://” for a secure connection.
  • Press Enter or click Go to load the web application.
  • If everything is configured correctly, your web application should open without any problems, indicating that the SSL setup is successful.

Testing the SSL Configuration


Securing your web application with a custom SSL certificate on AccuWeb.Cloud is a crucial step in protecting your users’ data. By following the outlined steps, you can establish an encrypted connection and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted information. Take advantage of AccuWeb.Cloud’s support for custom SSL certificates and provide your users with a safe browsing experience.