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Plans Name Memory vCPU Storage Data Transfer

Our traffic usage is billed per hour and includes a complimentary allowance of 100 MB per hour (equivalent to a total of 70 GB per month). For further information, please click here .

Prices / Hour

This is the promotional price for the first year. Regular pricing will apply from the second year.

Prices / Month

This is the promotional price for the first year. Regular pricing will apply from the second year.

Starter 512 MB 600MHz 10 GB 70 GB $0.006936 $4.99 Order Now
Basic 1 GB 1 vCPU 10 GB 70 GB $0.013875 $9.99 Order Now
Standard 2 GB 1 vCPU 30 GB 70 GB $0.031698 $22.82 Order Now
Elite 4 GB 2 vCPU 40 GB 70 GB $0.060171 $43.32 Order Now
Pro 6 GB 4 vCPU 50 GB 70 GB $0.088867 $63.98 Order Now
Plus 16 GB 8 vCPU 70 GB 70 GB $0.224619 $161.73 Order Now
Premium 32 GB 16 vCPU 100 GB 70 GB $0.437322 $314.87 Order Now
TechMaster 64 GB 32 vCPU 150 GB 70 GB $0.861983 $620.63 Order Now

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With AccuWeb.Cloud, grow, and scale your business with complete peace of mind.
Follow a simple process to deploy your Drupal application on the cloud.

  • Deploy
  • Enable SSL
  • Customize Environment
  • Choose Resources
  • Usage Tracking
  • Connect to SSH
Enable SSL
Customize Environment
Choose Resources
Usage Tracking
Connect to SSH

Drupal Hosting Features For Digital
Agencies, Developers & Content Creators

90 Days Free Managed Service

90 Days Free Managed Service

For the first 90 days, account setup, migration, and other round-the-clock services are free. For further details, click on this page.

Load Alerts

Load Alerts

Set an automated trigger and get load alerts with Accuweb Cloud to monitor your environment's load and necessary resources.

One Step For Backup and Storage

One Step For Backup and Storage

Our plans include an automatic backup system to restore your files and databases if you experience a technical issue.

Let’s Encrypt The Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt The Free SSL

Installing an SSL certificate is just a single step away, and our staff will assist you with specific SSL certification.

Account Security

Account Security

Providing environment firewall isolation security so that your Node.js application can run without interruption.

99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime

Accuweb guarantees 99.9% uptime. cloud hosting to enhance website performance and speed uploads.

User-friendly Dashboard

User-friendly Dashboard

Developers and non-techies alike may easily fully understand the Accuweb cloud dashboard.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

We provide a user panel to monitor the occurrence of faults and the application performance, which helps ensure your website runs efficiently.

Free Migration

Free Migration

Do you want to configure the Node.js application's front and back ends? We can move your Node.js web application to the Accuweb cloud for free.

Business Email

Business Email

Our Professional Email service offers custom domain-based email addresses & groups, domain management with aliases, & an inbound spam filter for protection against phishing & malware. Check out our pricing plans.

Get Started For Free

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Drupal Managed Hosting On Cloud

Improve your Drupal websites' performance, security, and availability using Cloud technology.

Drupal Managed Hosting on Cloud

PHP 8.2 Ready Servers

Our platform supports PHP 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2, so you can test compatibility and switch versions accordingly.

User-Friendly CMS Management

Managing your Drupal CMS is now effortless with an intuitive control panel, allowing you to make updates, add content, and customize your website efficiently.

Premium CDN

Access to more than 160 CDN points to help you speed up and improve your Node.js website with advanced caching, massive bandwidth capacity, and HTTPS/3 support for fast static file delivery.

MySQL Database

Updated database support: A MySQL database is connected for optimal speed when installing Drupal.

Auto Healing

Rapidly fixes server problems without interfering with your Drupal apps or website or triggering crashes.

Multi-Domain Management

You can host different websites in the same environment with the multi-site service.

True Consumption-Based Pricing

When using AccuWeb.Cloud, your payment is determined by your actual usage rather than the size of your server.

The system makes hourly measurements of how many RAM and CPU resources are being used on each container and requests payment only for these used resources. You can set up a maximum Scaling Limit for each container, so the resources will always be available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes. No matter how high the limit – the payment will only be based on actual usage.

Pay for the Limits
Pay for the Usege

Round-the-Clock Solutions for Your Business – Expert Support

Our 24/7 expert support is dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions to any issues or challenges. With our proactive approach to customer service, you can rely on us to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Round-the-Clock Solutions for Your Business – Expert Support

Frequently Asked Questions – Drupal Cloud Hosting

What happens if my website experiences a sudden surge in traffic?

With cloud hosting, your Drupal website can handle sudden traffic spikes without downtime or performance issues. Cloud providers offer auto-scaling features that automatically adjust resources to meet demand.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It allows users to build and manage websites and web applications, ranging from simple blogs to complex corporate websites.

Why choose Drupal on Cloud?

Drupal on Cloud offers several advantages, including easy scalability to handle traffic spikes, cost-effectiveness through pay-as-you-go models, simplified management, and access to a wide range of cloud services for enhanced functionality.

What are the system requirements for Drupal?

Drupal requires a web server (Apache, Nginx, or IIS), PHP, and a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite) to run. The specific system requirements may vary depending on the version of Drupal you are using.

Can I scale my Drupal website quickly on the cloud?

One of the key advantages of Drupal on the Cloud is its easy scalability. Cloud hosting allows you to adjust resources as needed, enabling seamless scaling to accommodate varying traffic levels.

Is there a free trial available?

We offer a complimentary 30-days trial with a $100 credit.