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GoLang is an open source programming language that is easy to learn and use in comparison to other programming languages, allowing you to receive faster results by connecting directly to the machine code before execution. You can use it for all operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux, and Mac, and also match multiprocess with the main hardware machine for easy workflow.

  • Create an environment
  • Select Application Version
  • Customize Environment
  • Cloning
  • Access Web SSH
Create an environment
Select Application Version
Customize Environment
Access Web SSH

Simplified Go Hosting for Easy App Development – Managed Cloud Solutions

Boost developer Productivity

Boost developer Productivity

We offer powerful, out-of-the-box performance that accelerates app development and saves time.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

GoLang's IDE Integration Streamlines Development, Making Coding Easier and More Efficient for Developers.

Scalable Resources

Scalable Resources

Our platform offers a wide range of scalable resources, allowing users to customize their environment resources to meet their real-time requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

We offer uptime statistics, response time data for your application containers, structured real-time HTTP logs, and CPU and memory usage metrics for all instances.

Isolated Environment

Isolated Environment

At Accuweb.Cloud, every launched instance is assured to have dedicated resources, ensuring fully isolated containers that eliminate any chance of interference between them.

Load Balancers for Optimal Performance

Load Balancers for Optimal Performance

Improve performance, scalability, and availability for your Go lang-based applications with our load-balancing configuration. This setup efficiently distributes traffic across multiple servers, optimizing resource management and leading to quicker response times, enhanced capacity, and minimized downtime.

Embrace Microservices with Native Go Support

Embrace Microservices with Native Go Support

Accelerate your website and app development using native Go module support and YAML-based configuration for databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and more. With Accuweb.cloud's Golang platform, you can build and deploy your Go applications seamlessly, eliminating the need to manage third-party add-ons.

Managed Go Hosting Solutions on AccuWeb.Cloud

Instant Staging Environments

You can either receive assistance from our technical team or create a clone environment from the dashboard before launching your web application.

User-Friendly Interface

Accuweb's Cloud hosting provides user-friendly dashboards and APIs for effortlessly managing your hosting environment.

Handling Multiple Processes

Handling Large Network Software, Multithreading, and Concurrency Simultaneously.

Automated Backup

You can manually manage your backup and storage limits or seek assistance from our team.


We ensure secure access to cloud resources by implementing industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard data during transit and at rest.

99.99% Assurance

Efficiently manage your Golang environment with a guarantee of minimal interruptions

Free SSL certificate

We provide complimentary SSL certificates. To acquire your free SSL certification, just activate the toggle switch. Additionally, you can upload your SSL certificate directly from the dashboard.

Fully Managed Sevice

Establish your cloud presence without the hassle of server-side tasks and take advantage of 90 days of complimentary managed services. Our top-quality management services allow you to focus on your main business goals. Begin your journey today!

Professional Email Hosting

Our Professional Email service offers custom domain-based email addresses, group management, domain administration with aliases, and an inbound spam filter to protect against phishing and malware threats. Check out our pricing plans today!

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True Consumption-Based Pricing

AccuWeb.Cloud divides each container into granular units called “cloudlets,” consisting of 128MiB of RAM and 200MHz CPU. The platform monitors the consumption of cloudlets within each container hourly and only charges the user for the resources.

Establishing a maximum Scaling Limit for each container is possible, ensuring that resources will always be accessible in the event of changes in consumption or sudden spikes in demand.

Pay for the Limits
Pay for the Usege

Round-the-Clock Solutions for Your Business – Expert Support

Our 24/7 expert support is dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions to any issues or challenges. With our proactive approach to customer service, you can rely on us to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Round-the-Clock Solutions for Your Business – Expert Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Go Cloud

Is it possible to auto-scale Go on AccuWeb.Cloud?

Yes, you can auto-scale your Go applications according to your usage; once the resources are not in use, the resources will be automatically scaled down and you will only have to pay for the resources you used.

How do I deploy Go to AccuWeb.Cloud?

We offer a one-click installation feature where you can instantly deploy Go with a single click.