File Storage

For data sharing , synchronization &
storing documents

MinIO to Maximize Efficiency with S3
Compatible Object Storage

Store your data across multiple servers, ensuring exceptional durability and availability.

File Storage Plans

Plans Name Disk Used Prices Per GB / Hour Prices Per GB / Month
Storage1 Up to 10 GB Complimentary with
every account
Storage2 10 GB - 99 GB $0.000139 $0.10
Storage3 100 GB - 299 GB $0.000111 $0.08
Storage4 300 GB - ∞ $0.000097 $0.07

How is Storage Pricing Calculated?

AccuWeb.Cloud provides up to 10GB storage complimentary with every account. For additional disks used, the prices are set accordingly.

The calculation formula for storage pricing is as follows:

Disk used (GB) x Price (Per Month/Hours) = Final storage price




Disk Used (GB/TB) Price/ Month/ GB ($) Final Storage Price ($)
10 GB $0.10 $1/mo
30 GB $0.10 $3/mo
50 GB $0.10 $5/mo
100 GB $0.08 $8/mo
300 GB $0.07 $21/mo
500 GB $0.07 $35/mo
1 TB $0.07 $70/mo
3 TB $0.07 $210/mo
5 TB $0.07 $350/mo
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Price comparison with other Hyperscalers

Comparison for "1VCPU / 2 GB Memory / 50 GB SSD" Container

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

How to use File Storage with
Accuweb.Cloud Dashboard

  • Installation
  • Name the environment
  • Get Login Details
  • Login to File Storage
  • Upload a file or folder
  • Choose local file or folder
  • All files section
In Marketplace, find Storage & File Manager, click on it, and choose ownCloud
(term used for File Storage).
Enter a name for your ownCloud Cluster in the Environment field and click Install to start the installation.
Name the environment
After installation, you'll see login details on the screen and also receive them via email.
Get Login Details
Open your favorite web browser and go to the URL provided in the email. Log in with your username and password.
Login to File Storage
To upload a file or folder in ownCloud, click on the + button, then select Upload.
Upload a file or folder
Choose the file or folder from your computer and click Open.
Choose local file or folder
Once uploaded, you'll find your file under the All files section.
All files section

Customizable File Management

OwnCloud is like your private Google Drive or Dropbox. You decide where your files are stored and who can see them. You can upload, store, and share files using a website or apps on your phone.

File Storage

File Storage

OwnCloud is a place where you can store all your files in one spot. It's safe and easy to get to.

Working Together

Working Together

If you're part of a team using AccuWeb cloud, OwnCloud lets you work together on documents and projects. You can share files, edit them together, and see what changes were made.

Backing Up Data

Backing Up Data

OwnCloud can make copies of your important files. This way, if something goes wrong, you can easily get your data back.

Controlling Access

Controlling Access

Administrators can control who can see and change files in OwnCloud. They can set rules for different users' permissions.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

OwnCloud gives you apps for your phone or tablet, so you can get to your files even when you're not at your computer. It helps you stay busy no matter where you are.



OwnCloud can grow with your group, whether you're just a few people or a big company. You can make it bigger by adding more space and more people whenever you need to.

File Sharing

File Sharing

Sharing files with others is easy with OwnCloud. You can share stuff inside your group or with people outside it, like customers or partners. OwnCloud lets you decide who can see your files and for how long.

True Consumption-Based Pricing

Unlock the Power of Flexibility with Dynamic Pricing

Pay for The Limits
Pay for The Usage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the own cloud storage?

  • You can get more space for your files when you need it.
  • You can choose where your files go to keep them secure and private.
  • Your data stays safe because we use strong security like codes and limits.
  • You can customize the storage setup to fit your specific needs.
  • Sharing files with others is simple, even if they're not in your group.

How to upload a file or folder to OwnCloud storage?

First, sign in to your Owncloud storage account. Then, click on the + symbol next to "All Files." Finally, select the Upload button to add a file or folder from your computer.

Does offer support for File Storage?

Yes, offers 24/7 support for File Storage. You can reach our support team via email, phone, or live chat.

What is the pricing for File storage? charges for file storage based on the amount of data stored and the amount of backup needed.