Backup Storage

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Backup Storage Plans

Plans Name Disk Used Prices Per GB / Hour Prices Per GB / Month
Storage1 Up to 10 GB Complimentary with
every account
Storage2 10 GB - 99 GB $0.000139 $0.10
Storage3 100 GB - 299 GB $0.000111 $0.08
Storage4 300 GB - ∞ $0.000097 $0.07

How is Storage Pricing Calculated?

AccuWeb.Cloud provides up to 10GB storage complimentary with every account. For additional disks used, the prices are set accordingly.

The calculation formula for storage pricing is as follows:

Disk used (GB) x Price (Per Month/Hours) = Final storage price




Disk Used (GB/TB) Price/ Month/ GB ($) Final Storage Price ($)
10 GB $0.10 $1/mo
30 GB $0.10 $3/mo
50 GB $0.10 $5/mo
100 GB $0.08 $8/mo
300 GB $0.07 $21/mo
500 GB $0.07 $35/mo
1 TB $0.07 $70/mo
3 TB $0.07 $210/mo
5 TB $0.07 $350/mo

Plans For Environment Resources

Plans Name Memory vCPU Storage Data Transfer

Our traffic usage is billed per hour and includes a complimentary allowance of 100 MB per hour (equivalent to a total of 70 GB per month). For further information, please click here .

Prices / Hour

This is the promotional price for the first year. Regular pricing will apply from the second year.

Prices / Month

This is the promotional price for the first year. Regular pricing will apply from the second year.

Starter 512 MB 600MHz 10 GB 70 GB $0.006936 $4.99 Order Now
Basic 1 GB 1 vCPU 10 GB 70 GB $0.013875 $9.99 Order Now
Standard 2 GB 1 vCPU 30 GB 70 GB $0.031698 $22.82 Order Now
Elite 4 GB 2 vCPU 40 GB 70 GB $0.060171 $43.32 Order Now
Pro 6 GB 4 vCPU 50 GB 70 GB $0.088867 $63.98 Order Now
Plus 16 GB 8 vCPU 70 GB 70 GB $0.224619 $161.73 Order Now
Premium 32 GB 16 vCPU 100 GB 70 GB $0.437322 $314.87 Order Now
TechMaster 64 GB 32 vCPU 150 GB 70 GB $0.861983 $620.63 Order Now
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How to use Backup Storage with
Accuweb.Cloud Dashboard

  • Install Backup Storage
  • Select Backup Storage type
  • Backup Storage-Installed
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Install Database Backup/Restore
  • Select schedule, location & retention period
  • Secure Backup
  • Restore Backup
Navigate to the marketplace, search for Storage & File Manager, select it, then choose Backup Storage and install it.
Install Backup Storage
Select either Standalone or Cluster storage options. If opting for Cluster storage, indicate the number of nodes and desired storage size. If choosing Standalone, simply enter the preferred storage size.
Select Backup Storage type
Once installed, you'll see a success message.
Backup Storage-Installed
When the backup storage is ready, select Add-Ons to create a Backup of the environment.
Select Add-Ons
In the Add-Ons window, find Database Backup/Restore and install it.
Install Database Backup/Restore
Choose the backup schedule, storage location, and retention period for up to a maximum of 7 days.
Select schedule, location & retention period
Choose the "Backup Now" option to instantly create a backup of the database.
Secure Backup
To restore the backup, select the target environment, choose the backup from the list, and click "Restore.
Restore Backup

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Backup Storage

What is backup storage?

Backup storage is like a safe place where you put extra copies of your important stuff. That way, if something bad happens to the original stuff, you still have a way to get it back.

What is the pricing for backup storage? charges for backup storage based on how much data you store and how many extra copies you need to keep.

What is the difference between backup storage and traditional backup storage?

Backup storage and traditional backup storage are different because of how they work and the technology they use.

Backup storage usually means newer, cloud-based methods where your data is stored far away, giving you lots of flexibility and letting you access it from anywhere.

But traditional backup storage is usually about using things like tapes or disks that you keep at your own place. They take up physical space and might not be as easy to use or access from different places.

What are the benefits of backup storage?

Backup storage has many good points:

  • It keeps your important stuff safe from accidents, like if you delete it by mistake, or if your computer breaks, or if someone tries to hack it.
  • You can get to your stuff from anywhere with the internet, which is handy.
  • It can handle more and more stuff without needing to buy extra hardware, so it grows with you.
  • It usually makes extra copies of your stuff in different places, so even if one place breaks, you still have your stuff.
  • If something bad happens, like a disaster, you can get your stuff back quickly and easily.
  • Using backup storage on the cloud means you don't have to spend a lot of money on hardware, which saves you money in the long run.

Does offer support for backup storage?

Yes, offers 24/7 support for object storage. You can reach our support team via email, phone, or live chat.