How do I upgrade/refill my account?

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How do I upgrade/refill my account?

If your Accuweb cloud account’s balance is low or you are on a trial account and you want to upgrade it, this knowledge base aspires to be a thorough reference, giving step-by-step directions on how to renew or refill your account.

Upgrade or Refill account

1. Refill My Account: Click on refill balance > refill balance for the specific account.

2. Payment Option: Pick the card you want to use, enter your card details, and finish the authentication process.

3. Pick the second option, “Paypal.”

Note: There’s no need to enter card information again if you’ve already used and stored it during that transaction. Just click “use existing method” and make the payment.

Following payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing your “auto refill” confirmation, and more details will appear on the dashboard.

4. Configure auto refill: Set according to your needs by setting it for a certain amount of time.

Select “configure auto refill” from the “Balance” menu that appears at the top of the dashboard.

In that option, you can select periods when you want to refill your account

  • weekly (every Monday)
  • monthly (1st of each month)
  • when the balance is less than the stated amount (as per your choice)

You can scale the total sun adjustment and confirm the auto-refill.

5. Disable Auto Refill: Choose the option to avoid using the dashboard’s auto-refill feature in the future.

6. View Invoice: Choose this option under “refill balance” to access payment details such as pending, paid, and due amounts.

7. Billing History: Select this option under “Refill Balance” to view your payment history, utilization from the current balance, and so on.