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Laravel Application – Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting

Laravel Application - Shared Hosting V/S Cloud Hosting

The Power Of Laravel With The Right Hosting Solution

Laravel, a popular PHP framework, empowers developers to build dynamic and feature-rich web applications.

However, choosing the right hosting solution is crucial to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security for your Laravel project.

While shared hosting might seem like a budget-friendly option at first glance, it often needs to catch up when it comes to the demands of modern web applications..

In this article, we will explain why Laravel needs cloud hosting instead of shared hosting, and specifically, why AccuWeb.Cloud is an excellent cloud hosting provider for Laravel developers.

Let’s explore how
Laravel functions on cloud and shared hosting, with the help of real-life examples.

Let’s break down the key differences between shared and cloud hosting with examples to see how Cloud hosting is the best fit for your needs:

Laravel on Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting eliminates traditional server limitations and unlocks scalability, and reliability, handles traffic surges (e.g., a 200% spike during a product launch), and is cost-effective for your Laravel applications.

With Cloud hosting, you will unlock seamless customization – empowering you to build and deploy high-performance Laravel applications with ease.

Let’s delve into how cloud hosting addresses the challenges often faced in shared hosting

  • Resource Constraints Cloud Hosting Will Solve It?

Cloud hosting allows you to easily scale resources like CPU, RAM, and storage as your Laravel application grows. This ensures consistent performance even during unexpected traffic surges.

  • Security Concerns-How cloud hosting will solve it?

Laravel is well-known for its built-in security features that help protect applications from common web vulnerabilities.

As a Cloud hosting provider, we often offer additional security features, such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and SSL certificates, which further enhance Laravel’s security.

A Few More Advantages To Add…

  • Enhanced Performance

Dedicated resources and features like auto-scaling contribute to a more reliable and consistent user experience for your application visitors.

  • Seamless CI/CD Integration

Cloud hosting often integrates seamlessly with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, streamlining your development workflow.

  • Laravel-Specific Features

Some cloud providers, like AccuWeb.Cloud caters specifically to Laravel applications. They offer pre-configured environments, automated backups, and Laravel-specific tools and integrations to simplify development and management.

Real-Life Example- Addressing limitations encountered in Shared Hosting through Cloud Hosting

If you are developing an Online Learning Platform with Laravel on Cloud Hosting Then you can solve many problems and use it flawlessly

  • Accessible Large Files:

While sending large course files, videos, and assignment material, students can easily access all files without downtime and automatically arrange traffic in pick time.

  • Delivering Long Lectures capability

You can arrange live lectures with more numbers of students without any disruption because of the uptime guarantee and scalability of your platform.

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AccuWeb.Cloud understands the unique needs of Laravel developers. Our platform provides an ideal environment for building and hosting your Laravel applications, offering several key benefits:

  • Pre-configured Laravel Environment

Get started quickly with a ready-to-use Laravel environment, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

  • Automated Backups and Security Features

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected with automated backups (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) and advanced security measures.

  • Laravel-Specific Tools and Integrations

Leverage additional tools ( Config., Clone fully Environment, etc.) and integrations designed specifically for Laravel development, streamlining your workflow.

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Laravel on Shared Hosting

  • Shared hosting for Laravel applications may be suitable for simple websites with low traffic, but it has limitations. It restricts performance, security, and customization options.
  • Shared hosting means sharing resources like CPU, RAM, and bandwidth with numerous other websites. This can lead to slower load times, reduced responsiveness, and limited security measures.
There are many Advantages and Limitations to this…

Which Laravel user should select Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting may be suitable for simpler Laravel projects with low traffic that do not require advanced features or customization options.

Which Laravel user may find difficulty with Shared Hosting?

Laravel users with larger, more complex, or performance-critical applications may find the following limitations

  • Resource Constraints

Limited resources can significantly impact your Laravel application’s performance, especially during traffic spikes.
Imagine experiencing slow loading times or even downtime simply because another website on the shared server is experiencing a surge in traffic.

  • Security Concerns

Sharing resources with other websites inherently increases the potential security risks. A vulnerability in another application on the server could compromise yours.

  • Customization Limitations

Shared hosting typically offers limited control and customization options. This can restrict your ability to implement advanced features and configurations specific to Laravel applications.

Real-life examples that may face limitations due to Shared Hosting environment-

If you are developing an Online Learning Platform with Laravel on Shared Hosting, you might face

  • Disruption in Video Lecture

If another website experiences a traffic spike, it can overload the server and cause buffering or lagging during live lectures, impacting the learning experience for students.

  • Course materials not accessible
    The student might face difficulties accessing course materials or assignments if the server becomes overloaded, hindering their learning progress.

This is where Cloud Hosting comes to the rescue…

Ready to Experience the AccuWeb.Cloud Advantage?

AccuWeb.Cloud dashboard, Laravel application example

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Invest in a Future-Proof Hosting Solution for Your Laravel Project

By choosing cloud hosting, you’re not just making a short-term decision; you’re investing in the long-term success and scalability of your Laravel application, with the right hosting solution like AccuWeb.Cloud, you can focus on building amazing applications while we handle the infrastructure, security, and performance aspects.

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In conclusion, cloud hosting is the ideal option for Laravel applications requiring scalability, flexibility, and advanced features. AccuWeb.Cloud offers specific benefits for Laravel developers, including a pre-configured Laravel environment, automated backup options, and Laravel-specific tools and integrations. By choosing cloud hosting specifically AccuWeb.Cloud and Laravel developers can enjoy long-term benefits for project growth, scalability, and security.